It was on 19th February 2018 where by RRGo volunteer employees ‘Mr Emmanuel Biracyaza visits Club of Resilience ( clubs founded by genocide survivors After completion 4 days on Community Resilience model trainings in 2016 )Huye district. Uwineza Angelique ( old genocide survivors of 67 years old shared the witness , she called ” From hell to heaven “.

She said” I am survivor of 1994 genocide against Tutsi. In that time( during genocide), I was in bottom of hell. I was down because I never thought that I would alive today till tomorrow. She added , I was seeing things ( massacres and murdering of my husband and my family members ) I never saw in my life .
After genocide, I kept living in hell because I always had fear, living my dead family members( sometimes I cooked and I kept food in plates for waiting my beloved husband died and children to eat them).I sometimes passed five months without sleeping . I never wanted to see neighbors and even government program , I never want to attend .Every months before or after national commemoration , I got menstrual periods three months ( February up to May) . It was painful moment and I never wished also to eat.I lived in this situation in 21 years After 1994 genocide against Tutsi.
In 2015, I attended training of trauma and entrepreneur ship from our church but I failed to start any business because I always feel fear and lack confidence.

On 0n 27-30th/March / 2016, I welcome by local leader ( social affairs of sectors to attend Community Resilience Model trainings on trauma healing by you ( Rwanda Resilience and grounding organization (RRGo). I never thought any change for first day . I though I could dropped from trainings but another heart tells me to keep and finish . The following days I get little change from pain and thoughts . I start to use one skills of flowers  🌺 ( she wanted to say Resource because she had said she love flowers) . Then I kept on using my resource many times in period of Eights months ( since the trainings dates ) then afterwards, I started having unconditional happiness which I was expressing before genocide happened . The women who are living in this group ( Resilience club) asked me why I have positive changes . I missed any reason to tell them but I told them that ” I every night before sleep, I thought about my resource and I keep thinking and after I sleep .

Since that time , I start thinking how I could live longer than I was wished to die. Now I love my self and I now adopt a child for a girl get birth while she was studying in primary school . I love the kid of 3 years . I feel strong to have him and I think , he will burry me when i died ( old ages).

When I think my past, I conclude that I leave Hell to heaven “
Thank you