Rwanda Resilience and Grounding organization (RRGO) has celebrated World Laughter Yoga Day with children from vulnerable families (family with conflicts. domestic violence, poor families, and home-based conflicts).

The children were above 200 and their 30 and above parents from Kamonyi, Runda sector. The children and their parent learn about the role of laughter yoga in their daily life and also we start the practice of celebrating the world day of laughter yoga. One parent said “As parents, we need to keep having laughter because now I feel positive change compared to how I come. I was looked tired and I was unable to make laughter with my laughter daughter for up to six years. I was thinking that no poor could laughter expect the rich people but now I learn how good feeling comes from having laughter.”

Also, the child said” I am so happy and feel relaxed because I see my mother is happy and feeling cool because of laughter. We are going to even teach and practice laughter exercise at home.

Laughter yoga seems to be important in providing peace, love, and well-being in families in Rwanda. The children enjoyed laughter yoga and their parents. Love and laughter.

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