Rwanda Resilience and Grounding organization has trained genocide survivors in Nyaruguru district with the purpose for building their resilience and trauma healing through Community Resilience Model skills among genocide survivors from 27-30 January 2016.

The 4 days of training help the participants to wide their resilience zone and heal trauma, depression and stress related to the effects of the genocide. The one of  participants said “before I came here, I used to feel tired,lot of fear, hearing noise, anger and depressive mood. I always think that I am not human because I do not see any important of living in world since my children, husband and parents died during the genocide. I survived with a little kind of my first born.The child always  asked me why we are not with other relative and I missed anything to reply. Because, he was still kid to know what happening during 1994 genocide against Tusti. However, since I trained this model, we do theories and practices three days .At 4th day,I started to have inner happiness, positive   feelings that I am human like other, and I remarked that I am important person in my community. In addition you can even ask these neighbors we are together here, I usual feel pain in my head with headache and stomach  but in this last day of training, I feel good  and I am strong and  I have smile,hope, and peace in my eye, you can see….

The community resiliency model training contributed not only in bring back individual in positive thoughts but also to bring confident and hope for future.

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