Rwanda Resilience and Grounding organization offers Community Resilience model skills trainings in Rwanda with support of Trauma Resource Institute (TRI) since 2015.

At this time, RRGO train mental health nurse students for final year and graduates from University of Rwanda, College of Medicine and Health sciences, school of nursing.

The training aimed to build capacity in mental health intervention and community Resiliency model skills trainings in working place.

After two full days of trainings, the trainees learn more about biology of brain and how CRM skills trainings contribute in equilibrium of nervous system.

The trainees said” I learn more about how I can help clients to back in their resilience zone. Indeed, the kills are more important because it is helping even to widen my comfortable zone.

A mental health nurse graduate said” I went in internship and mental health nurses are immediate think about drugs when they received mental health patients but as we have seen, CRM skills trainings can improve life of our patients many times without using drugs”.

RRGO will keep contributing in mental health assistance in Rwanda and proving wellness skills that are adaptable and capable for building resilience in Rwanda.


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