How RRGO conduct the workshop & seminar

Rwanda Resilience and Grounding organization organizes or attends various workshops and seminars. RRGO has organized and attended a workshop based on mental health, public health issues and more. Some workshops are organized by RRGO and other workshops are invited by RRGO with various public, private and NGOs institution with the aim of building and extending welling of humanity.

About us workshop & seminar

According to Career Trend, one can understand the difference between workshop and seminar. Seminars often take place in large space locations like large conference centers, auditoriums, etc. A workshop is often a component of a conference or even a seminar.  “Workshop” and “seminar” are often used interchangeably, as both offer you education or training to boost your career. However, a seminar is most often a stand-alone event where the content is delivered by presenters in a one-way communication format. A workshop is a more interactive experience for those attending. One of the clearest distinctions between a seminar and workshop is the level of interaction. According to SpeakerNet News, the most common point was that workshops involve more interaction. A seminar is a lecture or presentation from one or more people to a silent audience. A workshop is a more hands-on experience. You engage in discussions and activities to improve skill development and knowledge retention.