Mental Health

Community Resilience model training

Community Resiliency Model is one of the different tools used to decrease and prevent trauma and second trauma. Indeed, the different researches on the effects of Community Resiliency Model (CRM) on reducing one’s daily stress and trauma have been quite limited. They are different areas CRM has been used for helping the community to have health (Miller-Karas, 2015). CRM has been applied to individuals experiencing severe stress/trauma symptoms meeting criteria for a diagnosis of PTSD. Alternatively, it has been applied to individuals who are within a high-risk population for trauma exposure (e.g., low SES, minority populations, veterans) in which it has been implied that they may have been exposed to previous traumatic events (Rowe, 2015).

Laughter yoga

It is a technique which is performed without any humorous reason to laugh, with one practitioner observing that “The mind does not know that we’re faking it”.

Laughter yoga sessions may start with gentle warm-up techniques which include stretching, chanting, clapping, eye contact and body movement, to help break down inhibitions and encourage a sense of playfulness. Breathing exercises are used to prepare the lungs for laughter, followed by a series of ‘laughter exercises’ that combine the method of acting and visualization techniques with playfulness. Laughter exercises are interspersed with breathing exercises. Twenty minutes of laughter is sufficient to develop fully physiological benefits.