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The role of the Community Resiliency Model skills trainings in trauma healing among 1994 Tutsi genocide survivors in Rwanda

Samuel HABIMANA, Evariste MUSEKA, and Emmanuel BIRACYAZA, Rwanda Resilience and Grounding Organization. Emmanuel HABUMUGISHA, Rwanda, National  Commission for Children. Jean MUTABARUKA, University of Rwanda, Clinical Psychology Department. Abstract The presence and intensity of symptoms of Secondary Traumatic Stress before and after Community Resiliency Model(CRM) skills Trainings were studied among 1994  genocide survivors from three districts

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Risk Factors Of Stunting Among Children Under 5 Years Of Age In The Eastern And Western Provinces Of Rwanda: Analysis Of Rwanda Demographic And Health Survey 2014/2015. Samuel Habimana & Emmanuel Biracyaza

Background: Stunting is one of the most public health burdens in Rwanda. Most deaths due to stunting are associated with inappropriate feeding practices that occur in the first 5 years of life. This study aimed at determining the risk factors for stunting in children under 5 years of age in the Eastern and Western provinces

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Contribution of community-based sociotherapy interventions for the psychological well-being of Rwandan youths born to genocide perpetrators and survivors: analysis of the stories telling of a sociotherapy approach. Emmanuel Biracyaza & Samuel Habimana

https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32993777/ Background: Psychological well-being (PWB) refers to inter- and intra-individual levels of positive functioning that include one’s relatedness with others and self-referent attitudes that include one’s sense of mastery and personal growth. PWB consists of hedonism and eudaimonia building on thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. Sociotherapy is a community-based health intervention that contributes to the promotion

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Green Space and Mental Health in Rwanda: Cross-sectional study

Rwanda Resilience and grounding organization (RRGO), University of Rwanda, College of medicine and Health sciences and University of Michigan ,USA, are partnering in conducting a study on green space and mental health in Kigali city.The implementation of this research project will bring back mental health restoration on youth , adults and children who visits green

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