We who laughter”. This is a sentence said by Primary pupil in level two in celebration of World of Laughter day In Rwanda on 5th May 2019.

Normally, Worldwide celebrates World laughter day on 5th May for every year. In Rwanda, Rwanda resilience and Grounding organization in partnership with Western Australian Laughter yoga club, CVC-Rwanda and World Laughter Yoga University celebrate the day at Intwali Primary school at Nymirambo, Kigali Rwanda.

The day was happened on 5th May 2019 at Intwali primary school. It was amazing day and the pupils were involving in laughter practice and telling us the impact of laughter practice in their daily lives. One pupil said” I laugh every day and I feel happy and even my aunt when she sees me happy, she is happy too”

Another pupil for p6 said” We laugh because we see some one who make us happy but since you have come to teach us how to make laugh through laughter yoga practice, I am now laughter for healing stress, relaxed and …. “ We who laughter, we are lucky than other, I will keep ahahaahha hoahhaoahha… very good very good yes,

At this day, RRGO staff Ernest Rukinga was animating the students and their teachers at Intwali primary school. Laughter needs to keep spread and increasing different practice for make and learn to make laughter for having quality of mental health. We are laughter we who laughter!!!

Laughter yoga doesn’t have any language nor required high education. It is only simple and effective

medicine in healing as well as prevention stress and mental problems related.

“ Laughter, is best medicine!

Samuel Habimana

Samuel Habimana