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At the end of 2019, the novel pandemic appeared in China, and few days later it spreads in all most countries of the world including Rwanda

Currently , Rwanda ministry of Health revealed that 60 people are tested positive COVID 19.From the fact that it is quickly expanding in country, GOV of Rwanda takes measures to prevent COVID-19 including banning international travels in period which should be increased due to the COVID 19; Banning unplanned   and unnecessary movement in Rwanda, closing schools, churches and other ceremonies which can gathered people, closing all local transports, markets expect markets selling foods, working at home, avoiding shaking hand greetings, avoiding coughing in public or without mouth protection , stay home…. .All those measures are aimed to prevent the spread on COVID 19 in Rwanda.

Since this pandemic and measure for prevention, there is alarming mental health issues all community. Rwanda Resilience and Grounding organization with others agencies has been invited by Rwanda Broadcasting agencies (RBA) on Rwanda National television to give contributing of how we can stay at home with mental health equilibrium or how we can live in this pandemic situation by trying to ensure equilibrium of mental health.

According to Executive Director of Rwanda Resilience and Grounding organization revealed that current situation provoking for mental health problems in community all of the world however they are some practices and skills people can use for ensuring equilibrium of their mental health during COVID 19 period.

First and foremost, it is important to trust and respect the government measures to stay at home for spread off COVID 19.This is great ways to help your nervous system to calm in this situation.

In addition, keeping familiar or friend’s relationship increase positive feeling during these periods. People needed to keep their internal or external attachment or feeling in order to help them to keep loving, peace, confident, trust and sharing their thoughts.

For example: It is important for parents to play with their children or family members, or having time to look movies or past football games on  computers, phones  or TVs if you likes.

Furthermore, young or adults need to do small sports activities for living in present moment. It is important to do home- based sports like pushing walls, walking in garden and dancing in order to help them to be in present moment.

Besides, when you are working at home, you need to have time like after 45 minutes to screech muscles for five or ten minutes and you need to drink water preferable not taking much alcohol.

Last, looking around in your house, looking some colors and even moving around in home  improve your mental health equilibrium.

In conclusion Eating health food, talking with friends by phone call or internet based (Skype, whatsapp, Facebook..),It also advised to use the gesture which brings home and success when you become stressful . The day program and revise if you respect it also make you feel not annoyed for your day.

Further information for people who understand Kinyarwanda language you can visit this link and watch the show and get more advice have been shared by different people including RRGO Director , Mr. Samuel Habimana


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