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Rwanda Resilience and Grounding organization has introduced laughter yoga in-community of Mayange sector, Bugesera District.

The laughter yoga practice was key for helping the community to heal depression, trauma and other mental health problems in their daily life. Laughter can provide an aerobic workout and, by increasing vascular blood and reduce blood pressure. Likewise, simulated laughter has been found to boost mood and produce a feeling of psychological well being an improving life satisfaction for elderly depressed women.

The participant said, “ we did not know that you can make laughter voluntary, however I tried to the exercise and I make laughter as unconditioned laughter. Now I am feeling happy, peace, relaxed and I would like to bring this candle of peace in my family”.

After the introduction of laughter yoga in village ,they make laughter yoga club “ Reconciliation laughter yoga club” which will keep mission to improve love , resilience and forgiveness among their community.

RRGO with partnership with Western Australia laughter yoga club  and Kim O meara will keep support in term of capacity building the reconciliation laughter yoga club in Bugesera for enhancement of trauma healing, quality of mental health , peace and love through laughter yoga.

Love and laughter