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Rwanda Resilience and Grounding organization (RRGO) met with team from Australia embodied in Roots TV in July 2018. The meeting was about discussing the possible working together and in terms of film the RRGO activities and doing fundraising for funds for building resilience in Rwandan community in this post genocide period.The meeting was happening at MURASTER HOTEL in Kigali Rwanda. It was greet pleasure that RRGO board meet with roots Tv Team along side their founder Mr. Abdulrahim Elmi. After meeting, the second day, Roots Tv Team with RRGO executive director visited RRGO beneficial from Huye district, Matyazo cell. They are group of ladies survived 1994 genocide against Tutsi. They always had trauma, depression and PTSD in their years after 1994. However, since they had been trained Laughter yoga and Community Resilience model skills by RRGO. They had recovered from mental health distress and make association of saving and loans where they save 100 frw(0,1 USD )Per week by each member. They target to buy cows, which will support them in agriculture service (milking their children and manure like land fertilizer). The 100% of them are farmer. RRGO has tried to raise funds for supporting them. Now, they have 30,000frw(in their saving account).

It was so nice that we did laughter yoga with them and they explain how laughter yoga practices helped them to back into recovery and reconfiguration after living in long period with trauma.The leader of their association Ms.Immaculate said” Despite we came across with genocide; we don’t have any way to keep stacked in past. The intervention we get, it helps us to move from trauma to resilience and other surpass resilience to post traumatic growth ” Like LIBERATA, She always is in crises during national commemoration of beloved one we missed in genocide against Tutsi but now, she even go in public speech and contribute to comfort others during national commemoration.