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Since 2015 RRGO is promoting Physical, psycho-social and Public Health well-being through the Laughter Yoga and other psychological interventions including the CRM skills interventions for treating the various diseases and build the resilience among the individuals and community. Laughter Yoga is the effective intervention that is currently being implemented among Rwandans living with physical, social and emotional disorders since 2017. These particular psychological interventions help RRGO implement different materials for the mothers and their families seeking health care at Ngoma Health centre. This event aimed at promoting the hygiene and sanitation for the mothers, their families and their new born in the activity named «Health Care promotion for the pregnant women» in the programme of promoting bio-psychosocial health.

It was a day full of joy, when at Rwanda Resilience and Grounding Organization; we provided these hygienic and sanitary materials for pregnant  and get birth women  .The presences of the leaders of the Ngoma Health Centre was wonderful opportunity to the RRGO and get the message about what the beneficiaries need more for better life of their new born. Those issues include the lack of hygienic materials like soap, cosmetic materials, and clothes for their babies and mothers, nutrition which are rich in proteins such as porridge, etc. Besides, the women who were provided the materials for the hygiene and sanitation indicated that they were happy to obtain these materials and they insisted that in the pregnant period the encounter different Public Health problems that make in danger their fetus and can affect their new born and themselves. They claimed that they need hygienic materials and sanitation including the nutrient food (e.g. porridge, milk, vegetable and oil), proper clothing, materials for hygiene like soap, cosmetic materials, cares from the partner etc. These women said that when they continue missing these potential needs, they also meet some complications during delivery and sometimes develop post-partum disorders caused by these complications and poverty.

Still, for many women who are pregnant and after birth develop the health issues linked to poor hygiene and poor sanitation due to the lack of such materials contributing on their well being. During and after giving the birth, the effects associated with the health issues affect their health and the health of newborn because they have limited access to suitable products, sanitation and pain killers. Especially for low-income families or the poor families, it had for them to get hygienic materials like pads, nutrients food, emotion and physical care as well as the clothes are not affordable. This means that in many cases women rely on alternative materials that are mostly uncomfortable, not hygienic and not sufficient, like pieces of fabric, leaves or toilet paper.

The beneficiaries of this event organized by RRGO were excited for this new program in which they wished to continue in collaboration with the RGGO. After being introduced about Laughter Yoga, the beneficiaries were motivated to become trained about the Laughter Yoga which they thought it will help them to become more physically, socially and emotionally healthy.

The pregnant and get birth women from Ngoma Health Center of Ngoma sector in Huye district, in the Southern Province of Rwanda were so happy after receiving these gift for improving their hygiene and sanitation after getting birth or during pregnancy. RRGO was privileged to be with the beneficiaries who were provided these materials for promoting the hygiene and sanitation, which are more important for the health of these ladies and their families. This activity showed the organization what Laughter Yoga would contribute on. Therefore, equipping women with such Laughter Yoga intervention will help them overcome the physical, social and emotional diseases for these women and their families and communities they are from.

RRGO acknowledge KIM OMERA for contributing on getting clothes and some hygiene and sanitation offered on ladies who are pregnant and other who get birth after a week with poor condition.

Habimana Samuel and Biracyaza Emmanuel