Community Resiliency Model skills in daily life, helping people live goal-oriented.

CRM is a biologically focused model of stress management. It is not psychotherapy but rather an easy-to-learn model of self-regulation that can be taught to anyone regardless of age/ethnicity/culture. testimony indicates the impact of using Community Resiliency Model skills in daily life, helping people live goal-oriented life.

Names: XX

Age: 1995

Sex: F

Martial Status: Single

Employment: Teacher

I am the last born in a family of 7 children; I was raised by my Mom alone because my dad passed away when I was ten in 2013. Afterward, I grew up with the ambition to become a great person in the future; I was a pretty lovely girl everyone admired; unfortunately, I did not realize that my beauty would destroy my future. My life was ruined at the age of 18 when I got pregnant and gave birth to my only Son. All the people around me left me, including my only Mom, who got deceived more.

I stopped the school in senior five from raising my child and resumed after two years to complete age six. Since then, none has treated me as a person as if I am the first girl to give birth. Some people seemed to care about me, but they were lying. Everyone saw me as a prostitute to sleep with. At that time, I felt disparate and thought that I was cursed and wanted to kill my Son, I saw him as the trouble maker, and my life lost meaning and depressed completely. I only remained thinking about committing suicide, but I failed. Afterward, I applied for a teaching position.

I have started working, but my future looks pessimistic because I always think that I am not in the correct position. It was also nearly impossible to provide parental affection to my Son or the students I teach.

I recently met with Mr. Twahirwa  Ildephonse, RRGO staff, currently working at our school. He invited me one day and told me that if I am available, I could give him a short time to discuss the model that he knows and thinks can significantly impact my life. I didn’t give him time, but  I promised to meet him in a couple of days. We met and introduced a model called “Community Resiliency model skills. I was hopelessly traumatized because I always felt afraid and remembered what my future would look like within my situation.

He taught me skills, and he invited me to do practice with him. From my experience, I learned that I didn’t understand, but I sense it when we do practice. He asked me to search for another thing I see as my resource (any things that make me comfortable and bring joy ). I was surprised to find my Son as my resource. He is the one I care about a lot, and I talk to him and feel positive.

Since then, I started feeling the change in my life. Since I kept working with him on this model, It is now two months; I feel the complete transformation. I used to feel afraid of what happened to me and feel ashamed, but I discovered the strength within that situation. I am the right person to be the mum of my Son. God granted me him to help me and him to reach our potential.

Currently, I am a like-new person with a new life plan. I am dreaming about my future life like before I get pregnant. Now, I see that having my child is such a precious gift because thinking about him now and talking about him is remade. I am thankful that I met with my Guardian Angel (Ildephonse) . He taught me skills that help me to understand myself . The model shapes my plan and I hope to achieve more. I do more grounding practice, like working by paying attention to my work, and I like pushing walls when I feel stressed and become over.

I can’t keep quiet anymore about the importance of the model; I need to share these healing words and practice with others. I request him if he could train more girls who got early pregnancy because many are suffering like I was suffering because of different things, including culture, family members, and environment that we grow in. I am sure and confident that this model can help them as it helps me back in my well-being.

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Samuel Habimana

Samuel Habimana

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Morning Star Media
Morning Star Media
2 years ago

Wonderful Story, it is really amazing and helpful. Many people in our society are living goalless life due to their past, they need such CRM skills to overcome it and live a goal oriented life!

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