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Nyamagabe district is one of the districts that lived through the mass atrocity and genocide of 1994 in Rwanda; there is a memorial of genocide called ‘ Murambi genocide memorial (Murambi Genocide Memorial Centre – Wikipedia)“ that have the body of victims of the genocide.

Rwanda Resilience and Grounding organization (RRGO), funded by Trauma Resource Institute, started a resilience program for genocide survivors in Nyamagabe district, Tare sector June 2016. Community Resiliency model skills (CRM) intervention was offered to the families who survived the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi 0f 1994. Men and women, and widowers participated in CRM training.

After the immediate four days of CRM skills training, the participants reported the important change in their lives: decreased irrational fear associated with anxiety, regular sleep, increased happiness and confidence, and the ability to overcome depression and other associated problems.

Noteworthy, they decide to form a “Resiliency club “club that will help them keep sharing the skills and positive stories of their resiliency process.

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